Rudolf Lauber

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Recently, the American Heart Association published a revision of its dietary guidelines. The recommendations are based on new scientific findings, and address the contribution of growing rates of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes to heart disease in the United States. The guidelines for the general public are similar to dietary recommendations made by(More)
In June 1996, an edition of the Journal IEEE Control systems was dedicated to the historical development of control. There were seven outstanding papers written by well known control experts. Stuart Bennett, e. g., contributed a splendid and thorough introductory article on the periods before 1900 as well as on the following years until about 1955. This was(More)
It may once have been true that engineers were very successful in automating every job except their own, but the situation has changed rapidly in recent years. Development support systems now automate engineering activities which can be performed better and more cheaply by computers than by people. Today, engineering is becoming more attractive and(More)
Informatik_Spektrum_20_Februar_2004 84 Die hier zusammengestellten Leserbriefe kamen als E-Post, teilweise ohne Adresse, Titel und Berufsbezeichnung des Absenders, wie es leider bei E-Post üblich ist. Ich fragte die Verfasser der mir persönlich zugegangenen Leserbriefe, ob sie mit dem Abdruck ihrer Briefe einverstanden seien. Drei antworteten nicht; ihre(More)