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This paper describes the electrical architecture and design of the IBM eServere BladeCentert processor blades, expansion blades, and input/output (I/O) expansion adapters and units. The processor blades are independent, general-purpose servers containing processors, chipsets, main memory, hard drives, network interface controllers, power input control(More)
For two decades, large parts of zSeries ᭨ firmware have been written in the PL8 programming language. The existence of a large amount of mature zSeries firmware source code and our excellent experience with PL8 for system programming suggest keeping this language. However, the firmware address space of todays zSeries servers may exceed 2 GB, raising the(More)
When an organization faces new types of collaboration, for example after a company merger, there is a need to integrate the existing software. Important challenges are how to create a realistic vision of a future integrated system, how to make the vision concrete enough to be able to work towards the vision, and of course to carry out the actual integration(More)
  • R. Land
  • 2004
Information systems are continuously evolved for a very long time. Problems with evolving such systems stem from insufficient or outdated documentation, people no longer being available, different (often old) hardware and software technologies being interconnected, and short-term solutions becoming permanent. Crucial for successful evolution of information(More)
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