Rudolf Jezek

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Four new peptides of the mastoparan family, characterized recently in the venom of three neotropical social wasps collected in the Dominican Republic, Polistes major major, Polistes dorsalis dorsalis and Mischocyttarus phthisicus were synthesized and tested for antimicrobial potency against Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli (E.c.)(More)
In our study on non coded amino acids and their utilization in peptide chemistry we synthesized methylene-thio (CH2—S) and methyleneoxy (CH2—O) group containing amino acids and pseudodipeptides which could be used as building blocks for the construction of peptide hormone analogues. The (CH2—S) isoster of peptide bond exhibits increased flexibility,(More)
The aim of this work was to isolate plant ecdysteroid-binding proteins using affinity chromatography. Ecdysteroids as insect hormones have been investigated thoroughly but their function and the mechanism of action in plants and other organisms is still unknown although ecdysteroids occur in some plants in a relatively large amount. Therefore,(More)
In hemolymph of insect species, compounds with remarkable properties for pharmaceutical industry are present. At the first line, there were found compounds of low molecular mass, less than 1 kDa. One of such compounds, β-alanyl-tyrosine (252 Da), was isolated from larval hemolymph of some species of holometabolous insects (e.g. Neobellieria bullata). Its(More)
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