Rudolf J. Knickenberg

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BACKGROUND Major depression can be regarded as a systemic neurobehavioral disorder resulting from dysfunction of the limbic-cortical networks. The cingulum bundle represents a major association fiber tract of those networks. The aim of our study was to determine the association of brain structural tissue markers of the cingulum bundle and cognitive function(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to determine the impact of a vocational training programme on short- and long-term results after psychosomatic rehabilitation. METHOD 1,590 inpatients were screened for vocational integration. A high-risk group of 266 patients was randomly assigned to the vocational training programme plus psychosomatic treatment;(More)
PURPOSE With the ever-increasing average life expectancy and rising age of retirement, cognitive and work capacities in advanced age take on great importance. Cognitive impairments, however, increase with age. The effect of cognitive-training programmes on people with mild cognitive impairment has not been verified in any systematic investigations. METHOD(More)
Durch die Alterung der Gesellschaft und einen möglichen Anstieg der Lebensarbeitszeit kommt dem kognitiven Leistungsvermögen Älterer große Bedeutung zu. Dass viele Arbeitnehmer nicht bis ins höhere Alter leistungsfähig sind, zeigt sich am rapiden Anstieg der vorzeitigen Berentung von Personen mit psychischen Erkrankungen. Die Abnahme der geistigen(More)
A computer training program was developed specifically oriented toward middle-aged employees, their learning needs and their computer-related fears. This program was based on a pilot study showing a high degree of stresses associated with the introduction of computer technology at the workplace in this age group (50-59 years). A survey of 623 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Mental disorders are the main reasons for rising proportions of premature pension in most high-income countries. Although inpatient medical rehabilitation has increasingly targeted work-related stress, there is still a lack of studies on the transfer of work-specific interventions into work contexts. Therefore, we plan to evaluate an online(More)
Work-related stress is an important determinant of the development of psychosomatic complaints and of the success of psychosomatic treatments. In order to specify work-related stress and resources in relation to the general population, 461 consecutive inpatients in psychosomatic rehabilitation were compared to matched pairs (age, sex, occupational status)(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is one of the most debilitating and costly mental disorders. There is increasing evidence for the efficacy of online self-help in alleviating depression. Knowledge regarding the options of combining online self-help with inpatient psychotherapy is still limited. Therefore, we plan to evaluate an evidence-based self-help program(More)
BACKGROUND Patients' treatment expectations are a key factor in psychotherapy. Several studies have linked higher expectations to better treatment success. Therefore, we want to evaluate the impact of a targeted video-based intervention on patients' expectations and the treatment success of inpatient rehabilitation. METHODS/DESIGN All patients who will be(More)
Until now little is known about the role of participation in self-help groups alone or combined with psychotherapy in post-in-patient care. In the present study 2933 patients were questioned about their experience of self-help groups and psychotherapy after discharge from a clinic for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. Nearly 8 % of them utilized(More)