Rudolf Frey

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Severely alcohol intoxicated patients pass through all stages of anesthesia according to the Guedel classification. Additional illnesses or injuries might be present, however. These require careful investigation. Blood alcohol levels are no criterion for the degree of intoxication. The treatment varies and is based on clinical symptoms. In our series of(More)
The lower oesophageal sphincter plays an important role as a gastro-oesophageal blocker. Its proper function as a reflux barrier for the prevention of regurgitation and aspiration during anesthesia is very important. Therefore the effect of inhalation anesthetics upon the lower oesophageal sphincter is of great interest. In 10 healthy volunteers we studied(More)
In the period 1967 to 1976 the Adverse Drug Reaction Committee of the Medical Association of the Federal Republic of Germany (AMK) received 323 reports of transfusion emergencies following the administration of colloid plasma expanders (dextran, gelatin, starch). The reports ranged from medium to severe cases. Nine percent of the reported cases had a fatal(More)