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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The purpose of this work was to study differences in apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values between benign and malignant head and neck lesions at 3T field strength imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS Our study population in this retrospective study was derived from the patient population who had undergone routine neck 3T MR imaging(More)
The role of chronic exogenous intracerebroventricular administration of nerve growth factor (NGF) on the morphology of layer V pyramidal cell dendrites in aging rats was quantified using Golgi impregnations. Both dendritic branching and dendritic spines from the basilar tree of randomly selected pyramidal neurons of the frontal cortex were evaluated in(More)
In order to distinguish between regular and chaotic planetary orbits we apply a new technique called MEGNO in a wide vicinity of orbital parameters determined using standard two-body Keplerian fits for HD 12661, HD 38529, HD 37124, HD 160691 planetary systems. We show that the currently announced orbital parameters place these systems in very different(More)
L'´ etude des astero¨ıdes croisant les orbites planétaires met en oeuvre en particulier l'astrométrie, la constitution puis l'exploitation de bases de données d'observations et enfin la modélisation dyna-mique. Dans ces trois domaines, la recherche du maximum de précision est un gage de solidité des résultats que l'on peut ensuite appliquerà desétudes(More)
The problem of the stability of planetary systems, a question that concerns only multiplanetary systems that host at least two planets, is discussed. The problem of mean motion resonances is addressed prior to discussion of the dynamical structure of the more than 350 known planets. The difference with regard to our own Solar System with eight planets on(More)
OBJECTIVES We studied a) mitogen lectin (PHA) evoked changes of Na+/K+-ATPase activity in functionally different lymphocytes or brain cortex cells and b) quantitative relationship between PHA- evoked early enzyme activation and late lymphocyte proliferation were analyzed. MATERIALS AND METHODS We performed biochemical analyses of Pi released from ATP by(More)