Rudolf Donath

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In isolated K+ (16.2 mM)-arrested cat hearts perfused at constant pressure adenosine infusions (0.8 μmoles · min−1 · 100 g−1 for 10 min) caused an increase in myocardial14C-glucose uptake and release of14CO2+H14CO − 3 and14C-lactate simultaneously with a rise in coronary flow. The ratio of the release of14CO2+H14CO − 3 to that of14C-lactate and the specific(More)
Vicine and convicine as natural occurring toxic compounds in Vicia faba are involved in the formation of hemolytic anemia (favism). Removal of these compounds needs high technological expense. Microbiological degradation with different strains of bacteria was tried. After 3 h incubation with Streptococcus faeciens convicine was converted completely and(More)
A method is described for the fluorescence-spectrophotometric densitometric determination of nitrosamines. For this purpose, foods of animal origin are vacuum-distilled, the distilled-over nitrosamines are extracted with methylene chloride from an acid medium and, after cleavage by hydrogen bromide, the corresponding amines are reacted with(More)