Rudolf Avenhaus

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An inspection game is a mathematical model of a non-cooperative situation where an inspector verifies that another party, called inspectee, adheres to legal rules. The inspector wishes to deter illegal activity on the part of the inspectee and, should illegal activity nevertheless take place, detect it with the highest possible probability and as soon as(More)
Page line Correction 207 5 Read 1 − α for 1 − q in the second radical of (53.4). 217 3 Read m = z 5 /z 15 for z 3 /z 15. 238 3b Read form for from. 240 7 Read f 1 for f at the right end. 240 7b Read (n, 1) for (n,1). 268 9 In the exponent, read Li 2 for L 2. 268 11 Read x 2n−1 for x 2n+1. 268 11 Read − B 2n+2 2n + 2 a 3 3! for + B 2n+2 2n + 2 a 3 3!.(More)
An inspection game is a mathematical model of a situation in which an inspector verifies the adherence of an inspectee to some legal obligation, such as an arms control treaty, where the inspectee may have an interest in violating that obligation. The mathematical analysis seeks to determine an optimal inspection scheme, ideally one which will induce legal(More)