Rudolf Ahlswede

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We introduce a new class of problems called network information flow which is inspired by computer network applications. Consider a point-to-point communication network on which a number of information sources are to be mulitcast to certain sets of destinations. We assume that the information sources are mutually independent. The problem is to characterize(More)
In this paper we present a simple proof of the strong converse for identification via discrete memoryless quantum channels, based on a novel covering lemma. The new method is a generalization to quantum communication channels of Ahlswede’s recently discovered appoach to classical channels. It involves a development of explicit large deviation estimates to(More)
During recent years there has been strong interest in a certain source coding problem, which some authors call the \problem of multiple descriptions". Old and new wringing techniques enable us to establish a single{letter characterization of the rate{distrotion region in the case of no excess rate for the joint description. 1 The Result Since the origin of(More)