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Mathematical modelling and identiication of systems, where the structure of some equations is unknown, is a diicult task. As this is usually done manually by a human expert, it is associated with terms such as experience and intuition. However, an experienced modeller will have a clear procedure to deduce a model. In a rst step he or she will analyse(More)
Living with limits. Getting more from less. Producing commodities and high-value products from renewable resources including waste. What is the driving force and quintessence of bioeconomy outlines the lifestyle and product portfolio of Aspergillus, a saprophytic genus, to which some of the top-performing microbial cell factories belong: Aspergillus niger,(More)
In this study, a slow-responding chemo-optical sensor for dissolved oxygen (DO) integrated into a 96-well plate was developed. The slow response time ensures that the measured oxygen value does not change much during plate transport to the microplate reader. The sensor therefore permits at-line DO measurement of microbial cultures. Moreover, it eliminates(More)
The ability to maintain a constant lift force on a low aspect ratio semi circular wing using pulsed blowing active flow control is experimentally investigated. Dynamic models of the wing's response to pressure (pulsed blowing) actuation and the response to longitudinal gusting are obtained through black-box system identification methods. Robust closed loop(More)
The ability to control lift in unsteady flows using active flow control is examined experimentally with a three-dimensional, low-aspect-ratio wing and pulsed-blowing actuators as the test article. An unsteady flow wind tunnel is used to generate step-like and harmonic oscillations in flow speed and the corresponding fluctuating lift force on the wing. A(More)
Closed-loop control of separated flows is still hindered by a lack of fast and practical sensors for the measurement of the length of a separation bubble or of the position of reattachment. Therefore, a new real-time algorithm for the online detection of flow states is developed to overcome this limitation. For a model-based sensor microphone measurements(More)
A new technique is presented to identify intervals for parameters and initial conditions for nonlinear dynamic systems based on an imprecise mathematical model and measurements of system variables. This technique employs a fuzz interval qualitative simulator for interval dynamical models and a qualitative description of measured signals , the episodes.(More)
Two adaptive feedback control methods, a new adaptive integral controller used to control plants with output saturation and dead−time and the well−known extremum seeking feedback are employed to control detached flows. For the experimental validation, conducted in a wind tunnel, two different flow configurations, a backward−facing step and a diffuser, are(More)