Rudibert King

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Mathematical modelling and identiication of systems, where the structure of some equations is unknown, is a diicult task. As this is usually done manually by a human expert, it is associated with terms such as experience and intuition. However, an experienced modeller will have a clear procedure to deduce a model. In a rst step he or she will analyse(More)
The present investigation focuses on the drag reduction of a bluff body with a blunt trailing edge in wind tunnel experiments. Two different approaches of closed-loop control are presented. First, a robust controller based on a family of linear black-box models is designed to suppress the vortex shedding by controlling the base pressure. To reduce the(More)
Living with limits. Getting more from less. Producing commodities and high-value products from renewable resources including waste. What is the driving force and quintessence of bioeconomy outlines the lifestyle and product portfolio of Aspergillus, a saprophytic genus, to which some of the top-performing microbial cell factories belong: Aspergillus niger,(More)
In this study, a slow-responding chemo-optical sensor for dissolved oxygen (DO) integrated into a 96-well plate was developed. The slow response time ensures that the measured oxygen value does not change much during plate transport to the microplate reader. The sensor therefore permits at-line DO measurement of microbial cultures. Moreover, it eliminates(More)
Continuous cultures with Streptomyces tendae revealed some interesting facts. In a continuous culture running for more than 2500 h the production of either nikkomycins or juglomycins could be selected by varying the feed composition. Decreasing the phosphate supply in the feed broth from the initial concentration of 2.5 mm to 1.0 mm enhanced the(More)
A principal challenge in the use of empirical proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) Galerkin models for feedback control design in fluid flow systems is their typical fragility and poor dynamic envelope. Closed loop performance and optimized sensor(s) location are significantly improved by use of interpolated POD modes from a succession of low dimensional(More)
Closed-loop control of separated flows is still hindered by a lack of fast and practical sensors for the measurement of the length of a separation bubble or of the position of reattachment. Therefore, a new real-time algorithm for the online detection of flow states is developed to overcome this limitation. For a model-based sensor microphone measurements(More)
Der Beitrag stellt einen neuen Ansatz zur robusten Prozessführung vor und vergleicht ihn mit bekannten Ansätzen. Das vorgeschlagene Verfahren basiert auf der Unscented Transformation. Es ermöglicht mit vergleichsweise geringem numerischen Aufwand selbst im on-line-Betrieb die Berechnung der statistischen Momente des Systemausgangs als Funktion der(More)