Rudibert King

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Mathematical modelling and identiication of systems, where the structure of some equations is unknown, is a diicult task. As this is usually done manually by a human expert, it is associated with terms such as experience and intuition. However, an experienced modeller will have a clear procedure to deduce a model. In a rst step he or she will analyse(More)
A new technique is presented to identify intervals for parameters and initial conditions for nonlinear dynamic systems based on an imprecise mathematical model and measurements of system variables. This technique employs a fuzz interval qualitative simulator for interval dynamical models and a qualitative description of measured signals , the episodes.(More)
Closed-loop control of separated flows is still hindered by a lack of fast and practical sensors for the measurement of the length of a separation bubble or of the position of reattachment. Therefore, a new real-time algorithm for the online detection of flow states is developed to overcome this limitation. For a model-based sensor microphone measurements(More)
Active control of separated flows has become a major challenge in recent years. Whereas most of the work published so far is based on simulation studies this paper gives an example of a successful application of a multivariable closed-loop flow control in wind tunnel experiments. A robust H ∞-controller is used to control the spanwise reattachment length(More)
Closed-loop flow control is gaining more and more interest in the last few years. Whereas most of the published results are based on simulation studies, this work explores the synthesis of black-box model based closed-loop controllers for separated, wall-bounded shear flows in experiments. In this paper we compare a linear robust controller with a flatness(More)
The goal of our work is demonstrating the viability of massively parallel optical interconnect between electronic CMOS VLSI chips. Here we describe the definition and realisation of a systems architecture in which these interconnections can play a meaningful role. The architecture is a multi-FPGA system with low level optoe-lectronic interconnects(More)
Changing the combustion process of a gas turbine from a constant-pressure to a pressure-increasing approximate constant-volume combustion (aCVC) is one of the most promising ways to increase the efficiency of turbines in the future. In this paper, a newly proposed method to achieve such an aCVC is considered. The so-called shockless explosion combustion(More)
Although highly desirable, a mechanistic explanation for the outstanding protein secretion capabilities of fungi such as Aspergilli is missing. As a result, a rational and predictive design of strains as cell factories for protein production is still out of reach. The analysis of the secretion apparatus is not only hampered by open issues concerning(More)