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The use of gestures in automotive environments provides an intuitive addition to existing interaction styles for seamlessly controlling various infotainment applications like radio-tuner, cd-player and telephone. In this work, we describe a robust, context-specific approach for a video-based analysis of dynamic handand head gestures. The system, implemented(More)
This paper deals with a novel sensor fusion approach to detect and track cars and pedestrians to facilitate a collision mitigation application for vehicles. Robust collision mitigation requires a perception performance of an unprecedented degree of reliability, since an erroneous application of emergency braking caused by false alarms would greatly impede(More)
Spatial sensor systems in cars are gaining more and more importance. Such sensor systems are the foundation of future safety systems, such as automatic emergency brakes, as well as for interactive driver assistance systems. We have developed a system that can visualize such spatial sensor data. Two environments are supported: A laboratory setup for off-line(More)
This paper provides a description of a new low-level feature-fusion approach for real-time object recognition utilising an arbitrary number of imaging sensors and based on a boosted cascade of simple features. The approach is demonstrated by means of a vehicle detection system. The application utilises laser scanner responses for hypotheses generation and(More)
In the development phase of perception systems (e.g. for advanced driver assistance systems) general interest is pointing towards the performance of the respective detection and tracking algorithms. One common way to evaluate such systems relies on simulated data which is used as a reference. We present a semi-autonomous method, which allows the extraction(More)
A preventive safety application is presented in principle, which autonomously brakes in case of an inevitable accident in order to reduce the consequences of a collision. For an effective mitigation of collisions with preceding vehicles and vulnerable road users an efficient system for the perception of the environment combined with reliable decision(More)
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