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The biomineralization of otoliths results mainly from the release of soluble Ca(2+), which is in turn precipitated as CaCO(3) crystals. In some Carapidae, sagittae sections have been shown to reveal a three-dimensional asymmetry with a nucleus close to the sulcal side, an unusual position. This study seeks to understand otolith formation in Carapus(More)
Ranking of agents competing with each other in complex systems may lead to paradoxes according to the pre-chosen different measures. A discussion is presented on such rank-rank, similar or not, correlations based on the case of European countries ranked by UEFA and FIFA from different soccer competitions. The first question to be answered is whether an(More)
1 Abstract Loosely packed granular materials are intensively studied nowadays. Electrical and thermal transport properties should reflect the granular structure as well as intrinsic properties. We have compacted crystalline CaAl based metallic grains and studied the electrical resistivity and the thermoelectric power as a function of temperature (T) from 15(More)
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