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A total of 853 patients with 861 colorectal adenocarcinomas were operated on at our institution between 1965 and 1981. Complete follow-up information was obtained in all but six patients (99.4%), and all available histologic slides were reviewed to determine pathologic stage and characteristics. Six hundred fifty-one patients (76.3%) underwent a potentially(More)
A 29-year-old woman with mixed connective tissue disease presented with signs of progressive pulmonary hypertension. After admission to the hospital her condition worsened rapidly and she developed a cardiac arrest resistant to cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Therefore, emergency extracorporeal assist was performed. No pulmonary embolism was found. Right(More)
An athletic 23 year old man presented with suprapubic tenderness, fever, and raised inflammatory blood variables. A diagnostic laparoscopy was performed, with a presumed diagnosis of retrocaecal appendicitis, but no abnormalities were found, apart from free fluid in the pouch of Douglas. Imaging of the pubic area suggested bony infection and inflammation.(More)
A case of transverse myelitis in a 25-year-old patient was described. The transverse myelitis was caused by toxic cause, probably as a result of benzene poisoning. This diagnosis was based on: The differential diagnosis. The patient's occupation. The abnormal high urinary phenol levels. The coincidence of decreasing urinary phenol values with an(More)
The authors describe a 12-year old girl with a painful syndrome at the distal side of the left leg, resulting in limping, incapacity and severe muscle atrophy. Full investigation - no inflammatory laboratory signs, diffuse osteoporosis at the left leg, decreased bone mineral content at the same place, marked hypofixation on bone and vascular scintigraphy -(More)
A case is presented of a 26-year-old male with a 8-day history of fever and back pain, and limb weakness beginning 24 hours before admission. An abscess caused by a staphylococcus aureus was localised in the thoracic paravertebral region with penetration in the subarachnoidal space at T1. Myelography appeared to be superior to CAT-scan and NMRI of the(More)
D-penicillamine, an agent still used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may produce inflammatory myopathy or myositis. Some reported cases are documented with muscle biopsy. We report a 34-year old female, receiving the drug for more than 4 years, who consulted us with recently developed proximal muscle pain and weakness. EMG-findings were(More)
Charcot joint or neuropathic arthropathy is described in certain neurological conditions. We report the case of a man who presented with a swollen ankle 10 days after a long walk, which rapidly progressed to a Charcot joint. A neurological examination revealed areflexia and insensitivity to temperature and pain. Electromyographic analysis showed a mixed(More)