Ruder Bošković

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In the first part of this paper we review the fundamental difference between the usual transformations of the three-dimensional (3D) vectors of the electric field E, the magnetic field B, the polarization P, the magnetization M and the Lorentz transformations of the 4D geometric quantities, vectors E, B, P , M , with many additional explanations and several(More)
We investigated the esterase activity of carbonic anhydrase (CA) on total esterase activity level in mussels sampled from 19 locations along the Croatian coast of Adriatic Sea. The results of total esterase activities in winter were lower than in summer at almost all investigated locations. CA activities determined in gills of mussel sampled in winter(More)
The influence of norflurazon on the formation of the chromoplasts of Hypericum perforatum petals was studied by electron microscopy. Norflura­ zon (2 x 1 O'4 M) inhibited the synthesis o f coloured carotenoids, impairing the assembly of chromoplast tubules and causing the accumulation of numerous small plastogiobules. The results were compared with the(More)
Potato microtubers turn green within a few days when kept in the light. The initial phases in this process were observed as early as 12 hours after the onset of illumination. The changes included a pronounced increase in chlorophyll and carotenoid concentrations, accompanied by changes in the protein pattern and in the transformation of amyloplasts and(More)
A cytochemical method for the ultrastructural localization of glycolipids, performed on thin sections, was used in the study of tubular chromoplasts. The method gave clear pic­ tures of structures that contained glycolipids, while other chemical constituents were not stained. The method was tested on two flowers (Impatients noli-tangere L. and Thunbergia(More)