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Globalisation and the Middle Classes in India: The Social and Cultural Impact of Neoliberal Reforms
1. Globalisation, Structural Adjustment and the Middle Classes in India 2. Victims of Consumerism? Consumption and Household Survival 3. Gender, Empowerment and Liberalisation 4. Discourses of GlobalExpand
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Paradoxes of Globalization, Liberalization, and Gender Equality
Globalization of the Indian economy has dramatically influenced social life in India. The expansion of the middle class is said to have occurred as a consequence of this process. Based onExpand
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Beyond the Metropolis—Regional Globalisation and Town Development in India: An Introduction
Despite the rapid transformation of India over the past 25 years and a swathe of publications dealing with the impact of globalisation on the culture and economy of the subcontinent, and on its largeExpand
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Globalisation and its discontents: An Indian response
Abstract Based on recent ethnographic research among salaried workers and their families in West Bengal, India this paper examines the lived experiences of people in lower‐middle class householdsExpand
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Globalised dreams, local constraints: migration and youth aspirations in an Indian regional town
ABSTRACT Youth in India’s regional towns face a paradox: they are exposed to discourses of neoliberal globalisation through education and media, yet are unable to seize the benefits of globalisation,Expand
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Beach Boys Do It Too: Subculture and Commoditised Desire in a Transnational Tourist Site in Kerala, South India
Abstract This article is based on an ethnographic study of a group of Scheduled Caste (SC) male youth in a globalised tourist site in Kerala, South India, who participate in situational sexual andExpand
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Minority women and the experiences of migration
Abstract This article addresses the theme of minority relations and the intensification of gender oppression. We adopt a comparative perspective to examine women’s experiences of migration in twoExpand
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Victims and agents
Scholarly accounts of children of the urban poor in South Asia often decry the exploitative conditions of child labour — the harsh and debilitating environmental conditions. At the same time, theseExpand
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Asia, migration and development nexus
In recent years research interest in examining the relationship between migration and development has been growing. This is in part due to the large volume of cross-border population movements inExpand
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Distraught by the emergence of a deadly national-religious fundamentalism that has been tearing the Arab world apart these last twenty years and that has had a dramatic impact on the West and itsExpand