Ruchika Lamba

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Because of the increasing instances of identity theft and terrorism incidences in past few years, biometrics based security system has been an area of quality research. Modern day biometrics is a cutting edge technology which enables the automated system to distinguish between a genuine person and an imposter. Automated face recognition is one of the areas(More)
In this paper, a high current linear aperture radial multichannel Pseudospark switch (LARM-PSS) is reported which has been analyzed for its high current characteristics. In order to enhance hold-off voltage and support hollow cathode effect for the ignition of the discharge in this configuration, the field penetration analysis through circular and linear(More)
Compression of data in any form is a large and active field as well as a big business. The problem inherent to any digital image is the large amount of bandwidth required for transmission or storage. This has driven the research area of image compression to develop algorithms that compress images to lower data rates with better quality. In this paper,(More)
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