Ruchi Singh Maurya

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M. tuberculosis harbors an essential phosphoserine phosphatase (MtSerB2, Rv3042c) that contains two small- molecule binding ACT-domains (Pfam 01842) at the N-terminus followed by the phosphoserine phosphatase (PSP) domain. We found that exogenously added MtSerB2 elicits microtubule rearrangements in THP-1 cells. Mutational analysis demonstrates that(More)
The Jammu and Kashmir Bank has been playing significant role for the upliftment of poor, to raise the living standard of masses and also to mitigate their socioeconomic conditions to achieve balanced economic growth with social justice in the state of Jammu and Kashmir via its micro finance services. The study was conducted among the customers of Jammu and(More)
There are increasing concerns regarding the quality of urban public spaces. Wind is one important environmental factor that influences pedestrians' comfort and safety. In modern cities there are increasing numbers of high constructions and complex forms which can involve problems of significant wind discomfort around these buildings. Architects and town(More)
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