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The rth-order nonlinearity, where r ≥ 1, of an n-variable Boolean function f, denoted by nl r (f), is defined as the minimum Hamming distance of f from all n-variable Boolean functions of degrees at most r. In this paper we obtain a lower bound of the third-order nonlinearities of Kasami functions of the form $Tr_{1}^{n}(\mu x^{57})$ . It is demonstrated(More)
Drawing on their experience, the authors explore the opportunity for learning administrative process that is available to the psychiatric chief resident. They categorize six models of the psychiatric chief residency and document two of them, the ward chief and the interface chief, as providing particularly rich administrative experiences. Although the chief(More)
In this paper we consider cubic bent functions obtained by Leander and McGuire (J. Comb. Th. Series A, 116 (2009) 960-970) which are concatenations of quadratic Gold functions. A lower bound of second-order nonlinearities of these functions is obtained. This bound is compared with the lower bounds of second-order nonlinearities obtained for functions(More)
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