Ruchi Agrawal

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Proteases have found a wide application in the several industrial processes, such as laundry detergents, protein recovery or solubilization, prion degradation, meat tenderizations, and in bating of hides and skins in leather industries. But the main hurdle in industrial application of proteases is their economical production on a large scale. The present(More)
The extracellular β-glucosidase from microorganisms is generally produced in low levels. Therefore, in this study, a β-glucosidase hyperproducing mutant was developed by multiple exposures of ethyl methyl sulfonate (EMS) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation (both individually and jointly) to Bacillus subtilis strain (PS). The developed mutants were screened,(More)
Bacillus isolates were analyzed for alkaline protease production on casein containing agar plates and identified by clear zones of casein hydrolysis around colonies. Two gram positive Bacillus isolates S5 and C3 which showed the best enzyme production were studied for purification by precipitation and dialysis. The intracellular alkaline protease enzyme was(More)
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