Rucheng Han

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The approach of combing the iterative learning control algorithm with a PID feedback loop is presented. The reasonable controller is designed and applied to electro-pneumatic servo system. The system is treated as an uncertain system with bounded uncertainties where the bounds are assumed known. It is able to accommodate smooth transition between different(More)
In direct torque control (DTC) of induction motor, the performance of system is influenced by the given value of torque. The given torque is the output of speed regulator. And PID adjustor is used generally as the speed regulator, so the selection of PID parameters is crucial to DTC system. In this paper, a new optimal control strategy of DTC based-on(More)
The key problem for BLDCM to obtain high performance is to reduce the ripple of torque. Current hysteresis PWM used for BLDCM can reduces the ripple of current, but not torque because the nonlinear relation between current and torque. Direct torque control is put forward in 1980s. The merit of DTC is that the response of torque is fast, and the ripple of(More)
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