Rucha Ganatra

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Fifty-two patients with differentiated thyroid cancer, following thyroidectomy were studied by administering a quantity of up to 5 mCi of [131I]sodium iodide. In most of these patients, radioiodine uptake values obtained with the subsequent therapeutic dose were markedly lower than those observed with the initial doses. This observation was verified in(More)
In vivo labeling of red blood cells with Tc-99m was possible after prior oral administration of SnCl2, both in rats and human volunteers. Absorption of oral SnCl2 was low but sufficient for more than 95% labeling efficiency. Prior i.v. administration of stannous chloride is known to induce in vivo labeling of red blood cells with pertechnetate. We have(More)
Serum thyroglobulin (tg) levels were measured in 112 patients with proved differentiated thyroid carcinoma (6 pre-operative, 32 post-operative and 74 in whom thyroidectomy was followed by radioiodine treatment). The tg levels were within the normal range in patients who had a residual mass in the neck region after surgery and who were in remission. The(More)
In the present study we have tried to demonstrate circulating immune complexes (CIC) in sera from patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) by three techniques; latex agglutination; 3.5% PEG precipitation and determination of optical density at 280 nm and RIA of CIC using bovine spermatozoa. About 40 normal control sera and 100 TB patients sera were(More)
Some factors, such as the effect of mannitol as ‘stabilizer’, increased concentration of thiosulfate, autoclaving conditions, etc., that can affect the preparation of 99mTc-sulfur colloid and consequently its biodistribution into different tissues are discussed. Also discussed are parameters, such as distribution with respect to time, effect of storage,(More)