Ruby Tiwari

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For any electronic communication system bandwidth utilization and BER performance under different channel conditions are major aspect of consideration, to cope up with these conditions different modulation technique are used one of them is MC-CDMA (Multicarrier Code Division Multiple Access) which outperforms other techniques for bandwidth utilization and(More)
Pooideae species. While for several species the most important allergens (group 1 and group 5) have been identified, other allergens have either not been identified or sequence data are still missing. We have used mass spec-trometry (MS) together with genetic and immunological methods to identify allergens in various grass pollen extracts. Poa pratensis)(More)
(Ambrosia artemi-siifolia) pollen were investigated by mass spectrometry (MS), 2D-PAGE and immunoblotting. Furthermore, Amb a 1 isoallergens were purified and IgE reactivity determined by immunoblotting and IgE inhibition. Results: 2D-PAGE and MS of ragweed extract proved the presence of all 5 known Amb a 1 isoallergens, of which Amb a 1.01 represents the(More)
BACKGROUND Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon; subfamily Chloridoideae) is an important source of seasonal aeroallergens in warm tropical and sub-tropical areas worldwide. Improved approaches to diagnosis and therapy of allergic diseases require a thorough understanding of the structure and epitopes on the allergen molecule that are crucial for the(More)
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