Ruby Corveleijn

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Interfragmentary shear has been perceived as inhibitory to bone healing. We think this is because of inadequate balance between stimulatory and disruptive interfragmentary displacement magnitudes in the shear direction. We hypothesized that pure shear is not necessarily detrimental to bone healing. This was investigated by comparing bone healing under(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) for hip replacement is thought to minimize soft tissue damage. We determined the damage caused by 4 different MIS approaches as compared to a conventional lateral transgluteal approach. METHODS 5 surgeons each performed a total hip arthroplasty on 5 fresh frozen cadaver hips, using either a MIS(More)
Open Access-This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License which permits any noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the source is credited. The dissection was initiated away from any potentially liable tissue followed by slowly working towards the surgical plane. As(More)
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