Ruby Benjamin-Garner

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BACKGROUND Patient delay in seeking health care for heart attack symptoms is a continuuing problem in the United States. METHODS Investigators conducted focus groups (N = 34; 207 participants) in major U.S. regions (NE, NW, SE, SW, MW) as formative evaluation to develop a multi-center randomized community trial (the REACT Project). Target groups included(More)
OBJECTIVE Baseline data from the Heart Attack REACT Study provided the opportunity to explore population subgroup differences in exposure to health information in an ethnically diverse sample from 5 regions across the United States. METHODS During the 4-month baseline period of the REACT study, some 1,200 residents from the 20 study communities were(More)
INTRODUCTION Cigarette smoking during pregnancy is associated with poor maternal and child health outcomes. Effective interventions to increase smoking cessation rates are needed particularly for pregnant women unable to quit in their first trimester. Real-time ultrasound feedback focused on potential effects of smoking on the fetus may be an effective(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite the known harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy, the highly addicted find it difficult to quit. Decreased smoking may be regarded as a means of harm reduction. There is limited information on the benefits of smoking reduction short of quitting. This study used salivary cotinine to assess the impact of change in smoking exposure on(More)
The potential for reducing cardiovascular disease mortality rates lies both in prevention and treatment. The earlier treatment is administered, the greater the benefit. Thus, duration of time from onset of symptoms of acute myocardial infarction to administration of treatment is important. One major factor contributing to failure to receive efficacious(More)
INTRODUCTION The aftermath of stroke leaves many consequences including cognitive deficits and falls due to imbalance. Stroke survivors and families struggle to navigate the complex healthcare system with little assistance posthospital discharge, often leading to early hospital readmission and worse stroke outcomes. Telemedicine Guided Education on(More)
AIM Early death due to hemorrhage is a major consequence of traumatic injury. Transfusion practices differ among hospitals and it is unknown which transfusion practices improve survival. This report describes the experience of the PRospective Observational Multicenter Major Trauma Transfusion (PROMMTT) Study Data Coordination Center in designing and(More)
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