Rubin Minhas

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The quality and independence of clinical practice guidelines developed by professional societies has previously been assessed as unsatisfactory. Calls for explicit methodological standards have lead to international consensus on standards for guideline development. The methodological quality of current British cardiovascular guidelines produced by six(More)
BACKGROUND Communication between healthcare professionals and patients is suboptimal and the measures to improve patient satisfaction such as sharing correspondence have been reported in different settings. METHODS A review of published literature was undertaken to specifically examine patient satisfaction and the professional healthcare provider(More)
The momentum for strategies to prevent cardiovascular disease is gathering pace in an attempt to reduce health inequalities not only in the UK but globally. The medical profession as well as governments are realizing that prevention is not only better than cure, but in most cases, more costeffective than dealing with consequent morbidity and mortality.(More)
In this review, we make the case for evidence-based medicine (EBM) to include models of disease underscored by evidence in order to integrate evidence, as it is currently defined, with the patient's unique biology. This would allow clinicians to use a pathophysiologic rationale, but underscoring the pathophysiological model with evidence would create an(More)
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