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Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is one of the most common forms of epilepsy, characterized by hippocampal sclerosis and memory deficits. It is well-documented that intrinsic neuronal oscillations and provided by them communications between brain structures are of importance for cognition. Epilepsy disturbs these brain rhythms and presumably therefore affects(More)
Changes in rhythmic activity can serve as early biomarkers of pathological alterations, but it remains unclear how different types of rhythmic activity are altered during neurodegenerative processes. Glutamatergic neurotoxicity, evoked by kainic acid (KA), causes hyperexcitation and acute seizures that result in delayed brain damage. We employed wide(More)
A comparative analysis of results of treatment of 471 patients with acute pancreatitis after complex therapy including inhibitors of proteases and antimetabolite of 5-ftoruracil has been made. Results of the treatment have shown high effectiveness of 5-ftoruracil which are superior to the effect of protease inhibitors. Remote results of the treatment were(More)
The authors developed an outline for the treatment of acute pancreatitis with 5-fluorouracil which consists in a single or double injection of 250 mg of the drug. The method was used in 54 acute pancreatitis cases. A single intravenous injection of 250 mg of the drug proved to be sufficient for arresting the acute process in edematous and edemo-hemorrhagic(More)
On a model of ethnic groups of Dagestan the features of malignant tumors incidence among small population have been studied. The environmental factors, habits and diet are shown to be of importance, whereas hereditory factors are not so essential for the rate of cancer incidence in different nationalities. The role of civilization and urbanization in the(More)