Rubia E. de Oliveira Schultz

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Topical commercial phenylephrine HCl (Neo-Synephrine 10%) has been shown to cause an increase in corneal thickness and reversible vacuolization of corneal endothelial cells in rabbits. Using an in vivo model of regenerated corneal endothelial cells in the cat, we compared the cytotoxicity of phenylephrine-HCl 10% to regenerated and to normal, nonregenerated(More)
Current treatment of flexor digitorum profundus (FDP) avulsion with complex external wire or button fixation is associated with significant morbidity. A new method of internal fixation avoids the complications that are associated with previous techniques. Through a volar Bruner incision, the profundus tendon is retrieved. A transverse dorsal incision is(More)
Corneal buttons were cut from cat and human donor eyes by anterior trephination (with or without scissor completion) and from excised corneoscleral rims by posterior trephination (with or without a press). Scanning electron microscopy was used to evaluate the slope and quality of the cut edge, the diameter of the section of Descemet's membrane that was(More)
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