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Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is one of the leading technology that is ruling the communication field. But unfortunately, it is shrouded in mystery. A good knowledge in Linear Algebra is required to appreciate the technology in a better way. So the work focuses on explaining OFDM system from linear algebra point of view. Also, OFDM model(More)
This paper is an attempt to reveal the untapped immense power of the GNU Radio - an open source software, in control and monitoring systems, both real time applications and class-room demonstrations. GNU Radio has already gained wide acceptance and glory in communication and signal processing. As a novel attempt to bring the controlling capability of GNU(More)
This paper presents about a fuzzy logic controller for three phase distributed generation system. An integrator to be implemented in a stationary reference frame called as the Reduced Order Generalized Integrator. The proposed ROGI based Fuzzy Controller is compared with the traditional ROGI based PI Controller. The currents injected to the grid are(More)
  • T. Sandhya Pridhini, Diana Aloshius, Aarthi Avanthiga, Rubesh Anand
  • 2014
Design of low power systems has become a significant performance goal in the present world. A fast and energy-efficient multiplier is required in electronics industry especially in Digital Signal Processing, image processing and arithmetic units in microprocessors.Multiplier is an important element which contributes substantially to the total power(More)
  • R Anand, R Sriram, N Dhivya Priya
  • 2014
Multiprecision (MP) reconfigurable multiplier that incorporates variable precision, parallel processing (PP), razor-based dynamic voltage scaling (DVS), and dedicated MP operands scheduling to provide optimum performance for a variety of operating conditions. All the building blocks of the proposed reconfigurable multiplier can either work as independent(More)
The DC-DC boost converter reveals highly non-linear and non-minimum phase properties, is very difficult task to design a controller that is healthy against load variation. For this purpose a Fuzzy PID Controller is proposed to control DC-DC boost converter which has a practical inductor and a series resistance. A balancing Proportional-Integral-Differential(More)
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