Rubens de S. Matos

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The need for reliability and availability has increased in modern applications, which need to handle rapidly growing demands while providing uninterrupted service. This work investigates the memory leak and memory fragmentation aging effects on the Eucalyptus cloud-computing framework, which considers workloads composed of intensive requests addressing(More)
—Demands on software reliability and availability have increased due to the nature of present day applications. Cloud computing systems fundamentally provide access to large pools of data and computational resources through a variety of interfaces similarly to existing grid and HPC resource management and programming systems. This work investigates the(More)
Mobile cloud computing is a new paradigm that uses cloud computing resources to overcome the limitations of mobile computing. Due to its complexity, dependability and performance studies of mobile clouds may require composite modeling techniques, using distinct models for each subsystem and combining state-based and non-state-based formalisms. This paper(More)