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The tree species composition of seasonally dry tropical forests (SDTF) in north-eastern and central Brazil is analyzed to address the following hypotheses: (1) variations in species composition are related to both environment (climate and substrate) and spatial proximity; (2) SDTF floristic units may be recognized based on peculiar composition and(More)
Hydrological pulses are the main factor regulating the structure of biological communities in floodplains. Reservoirs above this ecosystem change the environment's dynamics and the community's biodiversity. This study evaluated the structure and stability of the rotifer community in response to changes in hydrological pulses after the Porto Primavera(More)
Some authors have reported increased serum thyrotrophin (TSH) in animals chronically treated with lithium, suggesting that lithium might decrease pituitary thyroxine (T(4))-5'-deiodinase activity. On the other hand, the effect of lithium treatment on thyroidal T(4)-5'-deiodinase activity is also unknown. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the(More)
In the face of a possible loss of genetic diversity in plants due the environmental changes, actions to ensure the genetic variability are an urgent necessity. The extraction of Brazilian pepper fruits is a cause of concern because it results in the lack of seeds in soil, hindering its distribution in space and time. It is important to address this concern(More)
The influence of the water-soluble fraction of petroleum (WSF) on prey consumption and growth of juvenile trahira Hoplias aff. malabaricus was investigated. Juveniles were submitted to either WSF or Control treatment over 28 days, and jewel tetra Hyphessobrycon eques adults were offered daily as prey for each predator. Total prey consumption ranged from 16(More)
The Billings Reservoir shows eutrophic waters due to the large amount of sewage, and consequently, the fish can be a problem for public health. Thus, this project aimed to analyze the histological gills and liver of Nile tilapia to verify morphological changes caused by environment, and the frequency of micronuclei was done, to observe the response to(More)
Monodisperse polymer colloids with dimethyl and diethyl acetal functionalities synthesized by a two-step emulsion polymerization process were chosen as the polymeric support to carry out covalent coupling with the antibody IgG anti C-reactive protein, and to test the utility of the latex-protein complexes formed in immunoassays with the specific CRP(More)
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