Rubens Manoel dos Santos

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The tree species composition of seasonally dry tropical forests (SDTF) in north-eastern and central Brazil is analyzed to address the following hypotheses: (1) variations in species composition are related to both environment (climate and substrate) and spatial proximity; (2) SDTF floristic units may be recognized based on peculiar composition and(More)
To determine the reliability of the measurement of postprandial thermogenesis by indirect calorimetry and to clarify further the relationship of obesity to thermogenesis in men, the thermic effect of a 720-kcal, mixed liquid meal was compared in 13 lean men (mean +/- SEM, 11.2% +/- 1.4% body fat), 10 average men (22.4% +/- 1.6% body fat), and 12 obese men(More)
Tropical biomes are species rich, but some biomes such as seasonally dry tropical forests (SDTFs) are still inadequately studied compared to their co-occurring rain forest and savanna. SDTFs occur in areas of high environmental heterogeneity, resulting in high beta (β)-diversity or species turnover, but this has so far only been accessed using a single(More)
The effects of serotonin precursors (L-5-hydroxytryptophan and L-tryptophan, with or without MAO inhibitors) and of agonists (quipazine and 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine-MeO-DMT) were studied in 3 day REM-deprived or control rats, by recording the presence of the serotonin syndrome and the number of head shakes. The REM sleep-deprived rats showed a(More)
There are conflicting findings about the sexual effects of REM sleep deprivation (REMd). Otherwise, several studies show a dopaminergic hypersensitivity after REMd. The effect of REMd and amantadine (AMA) was studied for standard measures and temporal patterning in the first experiment, in four groups: normal with vehicle, normal with AMA (5.0 and 10(More)
The present work studied the effects of REM sleep deprivation on the responses to cholinomimetic drugs in rats. Cataleptic behavior induced by pilocarpine, oxotremorine and eserine was not modified by previous REM sleep deprivation. On the other hand, the intensity of oxotremorine- and eserine-induced tremors, but not that of pilocarpine, was clearly(More)
Understanding how tropical rainforest trees may respond to the precipitation extremes predicted in future climate change scenarios is paramount for their conservation and management. Tree species clearly differ in drought susceptibility, suggesting that variable water transport strategies exist. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we examined the hydraulic(More)
The effects of amantadine on sexual behavior, penile erection, and seminal emission of male rats was studied. Amantadine significantly decreased latency of mounts in all doses (1.25 to 50 mg/kg), and decreased the number of mounts and intromission latency at the highest doses used. The lowest dose of amantadine significantly increased ejaculation latency(More)
Red tears (chromodacryorrhea) in rats are due to porphyrin pigments secreted by Harder's glands and are believed to involve muscarinic mechanisms. Chromodacryorrhea was observed in rats treated with pilocarpine, oxotremorine and neostigmine and this response was blocked by anticholinergic drugs. However, in rats deprived of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep(More)
Rainforests worldwide are subject to increasing amounts of external pressure and degradation that dissect continuous species distributions into small and isolated fragments (Whitmore 1997). This spatial isolation and reduction of natural populations negatively affects the reproductive success of many tropical plants (Fuchs et al. 2003; Quesada et al. 2004).(More)