Rubens Corrêa Araújo

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This study aimed to identify the aerobic capacity enhancement and subsequent body weight (BW) status of obese Zucker rats (OZRs) after 4 weeks of treadmill running exercise at the maximal lactate steady state (MLSS). In addition to obese Zucker rats (OZRs), lean Wistar Kyoto rats (WKYs) were used, and both species were divided into control and exercise(More)
Vitamin A status was determined using fasting plasma levels and the relative dose response (RDR) procedure before and 30, 120, and 180 days after administration of an oral massive (200,000 IU) dose of vitamin A. The study was carried out in Recife, Brazil among 93 children of 7 yr or less from low income families who attended two day-care programs. The RDR(More)
The aim of this study was to examine postural control in children with cerebral palsy performing a bilateral shoulder flexion to grasp a ball from a sitting posture. The participants were 12 typically developing children (control) without cerebral palsy and 12 children with cerebral palsy (CP). We analyzed the effect of ball mass (1 kg and 0.18 kg),(More)
Studies on the collagen system of the human myocardium are still limited compared to those on small laboratory animals. The aim of this work was to observe the collagen tissue of the myocardium of the human heart as a function of age. The types of collagen, as well as the density of collagen tissue and the diameter of collagen fibrils, were examined.(More)
The objective of the present study was to compare cardiovascular and autonomic responses to a mental stress test and to a maximal isometric exercise test between offspring of normotensive (ON, n = 10) and hypertensive parents (OH, n = 10). Subjects underwent a 3-min Stroop Color Word Test and a maximal isometric exercise test performed in an isokinetic(More)
The case of a patient with varicella skin lesions presenting with heart failure at 4 years of age is described. A transitory atrioventricular conduction disturbance due to myocardial impairment was documented during hospital stay. Despite the clinical improvement with conventional therapy, the patient died from respiratory failure due to a lung infection(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of aging on papillary muscle have been widely demonstrated, but no data on the effects of exercise on the age-related changes are available. OBJECTIVE To analyze the effects of aging on the morphological and quantitative properties of papillary muscle and investigate whether a long-term moderate exercise program would exert a(More)
This communication describes one case treated by the authors and reviews 27 reports of congenital esophageal stenosis caused by tracheobronchial remnants. Histologic examination of the case showed respiratory mucous glands with respiratory epithelium and hyaline cartilage. The anomalies presumably result from failure of normal embryonic separation of the(More)
Introduction: the Danish questionnaire entitled The Copenhagen Neck Functional Disability Scale(CNFDS) is a tool for self-assessment of cervical complaints,originally developed in English, of which there is, so far, no translation into Brazilian Portuguese. The process involvedin this researchproved to be relevant for the exploration of the questionnaire(More)
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