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With the advent of high throughput techniques like Next Generation Sequencing, the amount of biological information for genes and proteins is growing faster than ever. Structural information is also rapidly growing, especially in the cryo Electron Microscopy area. However, in many cases, the proteomic and genomic data are spread in multiple databases and(More)
Research endeavours require the collaborative effort of an increasing number of individuals. International scientific collaborations are particularly important for HIV and HPV co-infection studies, since the burden of disease is rising in developing countries, but most experts and research funds are found in developed countries, where the prevalence of HIV(More)
Many studies have used position-specific scoring matrices (PSSM) profiles to characterize residues in protein structures and to predict a broad range of protein features. Moreover, PSSM profiles of Protein Data Bank (PDB) entries have been recalculated in many works for different purposes. Although the computational cost of calculating a single PSSM profile(More)
Electron microscopy (EM) is experiencing a revolution with the advent of a new generation of Direct Electron Detectors, enabling a broad range of large and flexible structures to be resolved well below 1 nm resolution. Although EM techniques are evolving to the point of directly obtaining structural data at near-atomic resolution, for many molecules the(More)
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