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In this paper we propose a new methodology, called parametric on chip variation (POCV) analysis, to determine local process variation effects on the timing of designs. The proposed methodology requires relative delay and parasitic variations of cells and interconnects, respectively. Once this information is provided, delays and arrival times are propagated(More)
Complex design rules, low-power circuitry design techniques, and signal integrity issues are just a few of the advanced-node challenges impacting design closure. While timing analysis and signoff and power integrity analysis and signoff are critical to successful design closure, both of these steps can also be quite time-consuming and resource-intensive. On(More)
Radiology with oral contrast, or enteroclysis, have traditionally been the techniques of choice in the examination of the small intestine, due to the excellent visualisation of the mucosal pattern. However, the absence of extra-luminal information and the use of ionising radiation have replaced these examinations with sectional techniques which enable the(More)
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