Ruben Hidalgo

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The goal of this paper is to describe a theoretical construction of an infinite collection of non-classical Schottky groups. We first show that there are infinitely many non-classical noded Schottky groups on the boundary of Schottky space, and we show that infinitely many of these are “sufficiently complicated”. We then show that every Schottky group in an(More)
In this note we consider hyperelliptic-M-symmetric Riemann surfaces, that is, hyperelliptic Riemann surfaces with a symmetry with maximal number of components of fixed points. These surfaces can be represented either by real algebraic curves or by real Schottky groups. To obtain one of these in terms of the other is difficult. In this note we proceed to(More)
Although several newer technologies exist in the domotics market, one of the oldest remains extremely popular. Despite of its very limited functionality and performance, X10 is still a very common technology to manage simple Home Networks. Even if other wired solutions such as KNX/EIB or LonWorks out perform X10 in every single aspect, they might still be a(More)
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