Ruben Hermans

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For many years, researchers have searched for the factors affecting the use of computers in the classroom. In studying the antecedents of educational computer use, many studies adopt a rather limited view because only technology-related variables, such as attitudes to computers and computer experience were taken into account. The present study centres on(More)
The purpose of the study reported in this article was to analyse the relationship between teachers’ educational beliefs and their typical approach to computer use in the classroom. In this context, the question arises whether particular profiles of teachers can be distinguished based on their beliefs about good education. A survey of 574 elementary school(More)
Observational studies have shown a positive association between intake of dairy products as well as serum levels of calcium and prostate cancer (PCa) risk. We studied the association between serum calcium and PCa while also accounting for levels of albumin, a protein to which calcium is bound. A cohort based on 196,022 men with baseline information on(More)
AIM PHEDRA (Platform for Haematology in EMEA: Data for Real World Analysis) is a unique, noninterventional project based on secondary data collection from real-world (RW) patient-level (health record) databases to understand treatment patterns in hematological malignancies. It compares ibrutinib's effectiveness with alternative treatments using RW data(More)
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