Ruben Gonzalez

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Cepstrum based image registration has been largely overlooked over the past two decades. Initial investigation of the method was limited to alignment of images exhibiting only translational differences. Later attempts to extend the method to handle rotations proved disappointing. This paper presents a cepstrum-based registration method that provides(More)
In this proposal a new method for content-based retrieval of digital video is proposed based on a neurophysiological model. Effective content-based retrieval requires access to video objects which represent syntactic structures in a video sequence such as people, cars, shots and scenes. Existing techniques for extracting video objects are based on inverse(More)
  • Ruben Gonzalez
  • 9th Biennial Conference of the Australian Pattern…
  • 2007
Video surveillance systems are only as good as their ability to capture events of interest. The automatic detection of acoustic events of interest coupled with steerable cameras greatly increases the ability of surveillance cameras to capture relevant data. This paper describes an approach for retrofitting this capability to existing surveillance camera(More)
With increasing demand for content based manipulation of ever growing stores of audio data and the emergence MPEG-7 has come the call for structured audio representations. However, while the necessity of such a representation has been recognised and, to some extent, its essential features have been identified, its actual development and implementation have(More)
The rapid growth of multimedia technology has resulted in an enormous amount of data that needs to be managed and indexed efficiently to provide effective labeling for an image indexing system requires all objects in the image to be identified. To perform better and effective object identification, the process needs to be performed automatically and without(More)
A two-dimensional, zoomable, space filling user interface is presented for browsing conventional, hierarchical file systems. Through user studies the Goldleaf browser was compared with the widely used Microsoft Windows Explorer user interface. The times and number of mouse clicks to locate directories and files were recorded. The user studies found that the(More)
This paper presents a novel Fourier based approach for registration of images that have been translated, rotated, scaled and stretched. Fourier based techniques are computationally efficient and provide noise resilience but beyond similarity transformed images they do not extend readily to more general affine deformations. The proposed method relies on(More)
COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM January 2000/Vol. 43, No. 1 89 O ne significant characteristic of multimedia is that it is a vehicle for the convergence of the traditionally separate technologies of computing, entertainment, and telecommunications. To this is added a rich diversity of application areas wanting to exploit this new technological medium including(More)