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—This paper deals with the localization and tra-jectory tracking control problems of tracked mobile robots under slip conditions. The proposed control law consists of the modification of a well-known control algorithm based on the feedback linearization technique, in which additional parameters have been included in order to compensate for the slip effects.(More)
With the aim of fuelling open-source, translational, early-stage drug discovery activities, the results of the recently completed antimycobacterial phenotypic screening campaign against Mycobacterium bovis BCG with hit confirmation in M. tuberculosis H37Rv were made publicly accessible. A set of 177 potent non-cytotoxic H37Rv hits was identified and will be(More)
— This paper presents the synthesis of a control law which guarantees asymptotic stability for a wheeled mobile robot under slip conditions subject to both constraints and system dynamics. This control law is obtained using Linear Matrix Inequalities. The improvements provided by the proposed adaptive control are compared with other control laws, dealing(More)
With increasing demand for content based manipulation of ever growing stores of audio data and the emergence MPEG-7 has come the call for structured audio representations. However, while the necessity of such a representation has been recognised and, to some extent, its essential features have been identified, its actual development and implementation have(More)
The rapid growth of multimedia technology has resulted in an enormous amount of data that needs to be managed and indexed efficiently to provide effective labeling for an image indexing system requires all objects in the image to be identified. To perform better and effective object identification, the process needs to be performed automatically and without(More)