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We present pyOpt, an object-oriented framework for formulating and solving nonlinear constrained optimization problems in an efficient, reusable and portable manner. The framework uses object-oriented concepts, such as class inheritance and operator overloading, to maintain a distinct separation between the problem formulation and the optimization approach(More)
Nonplanar lifting surfaces can lower the induced drag relative to planar surfaces by redistributing vorticity. Other sources of drag, such as viscous drag, as well as nonaerodynamic considerations, such as structural weight, also play an important role in assessing the overall efficiency of such lifting surfaces. In this paper we solve a series of problems(More)
This paper presents the evaluation of different MDO architectures using an extended set of metrics, which take into consideration optimization and formulation structure characteristics. Demonstrative comparisons are made for analytic and supersonic business jet conceptual design examples. Results show the promising features of the proposed evaluation(More)
Backtracking search algorithms are useful in many domains, from SAT solvers to artificial intelligences for playing games such as chess. Searching disjoint branches can, inherently be done in parallel though it can considerably increase the amount of work that the algorithm does. Such parallelism is speculative, once a solution is found additional work is(More)
In this paper a automated analysis system for defect detection in the print process of flocked fabrics with repetitive patterns is presented. This process represents a less computationally complex method than the detection of any type of pattern in the print process. For this reason, this problem can be solved using a personal computer (PC) inspecting 100%(More)
The gases emissions measurement systems in internal combustion engines are strict and expensive nowadays. For this reason, a virtual instrument was developed to measure the combustion emissions from an internal combustion diesel engine, running with diesel-biodiesel mixtures. This software is called virtual instrument for emissions measurement (VIEM), and(More)
This paper deals with the application of the paradigm Oriented to Objects in a distributed measurement system. The purpose of this study is to obtain a flexible electronic test station model that will allow modifications in the procedures with no modifications to its main code. The model allows the integration of GPIB equipment in a distributed measurement(More)
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