Ruben Casado

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Transactions are crucial to ensuring the quality (such as recovery and reliability) of web services applications by constraining them to a mutually agreed outcome. This paper addresses the issue of testing the long-lived web services transactions which has been given little attention by the current research. It proposes a risk-based approach and also(More)
BACKGROUND The novel cryoballoon Advance (CB-A) has proven to achieve significantly lower temperatures and faster pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) times in comparison with the first-generation device. Although acutely very effective, to the best of our knowledge, data on mid-term clinical follow-up is lacking. AIMS The aim of the study was to analyse the(More)
Transactions are a key issue in the reliability of distributed applications because they ensure all the participants achieve a mutually agreed outcome. However, current research has given little attention to testing transactions in web services. This paper presents a conceptual framework, inspired in risk-based methodologies, to address this gap. It also(More)
Automatic glasses detection on real face images is a challenging problem due to different appearance variations. Nevertheless, glasses detection on face images has not been thoroughly investigated. In this paper, an innovative algorithm for automatic glasses detection based on Robust Local Binary Pattern and robust alignment is proposed. Firstly, images are(More)
AIMS We sought to investigate the value of a family history of sudden death (SD) in Brugada syndrome (BS). METHODS AND RESULTS Two hundred and eighty consecutive patients (mean age: 41 ± 18 years, 168 males) with diagnostic type I Brugada ECG pattern were included. Sudden death occurred in 69 (43%) of 157 families. One hundred and ten SDs were analysed.(More)
Transactions are a fundamental technology for building efficient and reliable web service based applications. Various models and protocols have been developed by academic and industrial research community in order to effectively manage web services transactions. We propose a novel abstract model for dynamically modeling distinct web services transaction(More)
Web services provide a distributed computing environment wherein service providers and consumers can dynamically interact and cooperate on various tasks in different domains such as ebusiness, education, government and healthcare. Transaction management technology is fundamental to building automated and reliable web services applications. Various models(More)
Transactions are a key issue to develop reliable web service based applications. The advanced models used to manage this kind of transactions rely on the dependencies between the involved activities (subtransactions). Dependencies are constraints on the processing produced by the concurrent execution of interdependent subtransactions. Existing works use(More)
Web services (WS) transactions are important in order to reliably compose distributed and autonomous services into composite web services and to ensure that their execution is consistent and correct. But such transactions are generally complex and they require longer processing time, and manipulate critical data. Thus various techniques have been developed(More)