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Lymphatic vessels are essential for tissue homeostasis and immune surveillance and contribute to pathological conditions. Lymphatic endothelium differentiates from veins and forms an independent vascular tree with only few connections to the venous circulation. Failure of blood and lymphatic vessel separation results in hemorrhage and edema. VEGF-C and -D(More)
72 h after ligation or external fistulation of the common duct the activities of maltase, sucrase and lactase in the homogenate of the small intestinal mucosa of the rat were determined. The experiments were performed in connexion with intestinal perfusion studies, and the disaccharidase activities were measured in unperfused intestinal segments as well as(More)
The spleen tyrosine kinase family members Syk and Zap-70 are pivotal signal transducers downstream of antigen receptors and exhibit overlapping expression patterns at early lymphocytic developmental stages. To assess their differential kinase fitness in vivo, we generated mice, which carry a Zap-70 cDNA knock-in controlled by intrinsic Syk promoter elements(More)
  • R Böhmer
  • 1983
Incarcerations and perforations of foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract are relatively rare. In most cases the foreign bodies must be removed by operation, especially after having passed the stomach. A patient is described with an ingested chicken bone which had incarcerated in the sigmoid colon and had brought about an inflammatory stenosis of the(More)
Repeated intravenous injections of 2.0 clinical units (CU) secretin per kg body weight showed no effect on jejunal glucose absorption and net water movement in perfusion studies in vivo. The in vitro uptake of galactose and 3-O-methylglucose was not altered by a secretin load given 12 min before sacrifice. The values for Km and Vmax were identical after(More)
72 h after ligation of the common bile duct in the rat the sucrose hydrolysis in vivo was greater than in sham-operated animals, whereas the absorption of the split products, glucose and fructose, was not altered. In bile-depleted rats the sucrose hydrolysis did not differ from that in the control group. The absorption of the split products, glucose and(More)