Rubakumar Krishnasamy

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Compound eyes are a highly successful natural solution to the issue of wide field of view and high update rate for vision systems. Applications for an electronic implementation of a compound eye sensor include high-speed object tracking and depth perception. In this paper we demonstrate the construction and operation of a prototype compound eye sensor which(More)
Vanishing point and Z-tranform image center calibration techniques are reported for a prototype “compound-eye” camera system which can contain up to 25 “eyelets”. One application of this system is to track a fast-moving object, such as a tennis ball, over a wide field of view. Each eyelet comprises a coherent fiber bundle with a small imaging lens at one(More)
Four soil samples were collected from various locations having wider range of pH and EC for incubation experiment. These soil samples were added with Pb (NO3)2 salts, and samples were taken on 1st, 35th, 45thand 60th day. Soils samples were fractioned by sequential extraction to estimate the concentration of lead in different fractions viz, water soluble,(More)
Rapidly moving objects are a challenge to track with a camera system, particularly when the range varies from near-field to far-field and there is a complex background. In the present work, the problem is restricted to a well-defined small object that is readily distinguished from the background scene. The emphasis is on the maintenance of an accurate(More)
Put “metal into the petal” of plants which literally means bioavailability and translocation of the heavy metal to the plants is an important factor in phytoextraction. A green house experiments was conducted to study potential of Ricinus communis and Brassica juncea in metal accumulation at different concentration of Pb and also the effect of the(More)
A study was carried out in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu (India) to assess the distribution pattern of heavy metals in the soils and plants irrigated with sewage effluent/sludge. About 69 soil samples (surface and subsurface), 65 plant samples as well as 34-sewage sludge samples were collected from various tehsils of Coimbatore. Six tehsils in(More)
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