Ruba T. Borno

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During the spiral inductor design process, designers and design automation tools require efficient modeling techniques for initial design space exploration in order to quickly pinpoint appropriate inductor geometries. In this paper, we introduce a new frequency-dependent model that utilizes closed-form expressions to quickly characterize square spiral(More)
We have designed, fabricated and characterized large displacement distributed-force polymer actuators driven only by the surface tension of water. The devices were inspired by the hygroscopic spore dispersal mechanism in fern sporangia. Microdevices were fabricated through a single mask process using a commercial photo-patternable silicone polymer to mimic(More)
Efficient modeling techniques are required to accelerate design space exploration for integrated spiral inductors. In this letter, closed-form modeling techniques for the inductor’s physical inductance and substrate eddy currents are introduced. The model provides several orders of magnitude performance improvement over field-solver-based approaches with(More)
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