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A churn consumer can be defined as a customer who transfers from one service provider to another service provider. Recently, business operators have investigated many techniques that identify the customer churn since churn rates leads to serious business loss. In this paper, a hybrid technique has been used which combines K-means clustering with Genetic(More)
This research aims to provide a broad knowledge about the development of e-government program in Jordan. Researchers conducted semi structured interviews with 8 i ndividuals who are in charge of e-government program in Jordan, combined with the review of different documents provided by the Jordanian government and the official website of the Jordanian(More)
Computer graphics matured over many years and played an important role in the development of engineering products like automotive and aircraft components. The current CAX (CAD/CAM/CAE) tools use computer graphics extensively, while helping in conceiving better designs with improved quality. Nowadays, engineering product development is being done(More)
As Cloud Computing is an advanced technology with better functionality offered internet services on rent base with many advantages such as scalability, flexibility, integration, and cost reduction. In addition it provides an advance virtual storage for organizations to deploy their applications for perform the operations. With respect of all benefits of(More)
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