Rubén Usamentiaga

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The use of 3D reconstruction based on active laser triangulation techniques is very complex in industrial environments. The main problem is that most of these techniques are based on laser stripe extraction methods which are highly sensitive to noise, which is virtually inevitable in these conditions. In industrial environments, variable luminance,(More)
Automatic glasses detection on real face images is a challenging problem due to different appearance variations. Nevertheless, glasses detection on face images has not been thoroughly investigated. In this paper, an innovative algorithm for automatic glasses detection based on Robust Local Binary Pattern and robust alignment is proposed. Firstly, images are(More)
This article proposes a technique to detect the defects caused by defective work roll. This system inspects the surface (top and bottom) of each strip. The images captured by the cameras are then processed. It includes a way to store the information necessary for detection as well as a flexible algorithm that uses this information efficiently. To train the(More)
The intensity of the infrared radiation emitted by objects is mainly a function of their temperature. In infrared thermography, this feature is used for multiple purposes: as a health indicator in medical applications, as a sign of malfunction in mechanical and electrical maintenance or as an indicator of heat loss in buildings. This paper presents a review(More)
bstract. Flatness is a major geometrical feature of rolled products pecified by both production and quality needs. Real-time inspection f flatness is the basis of automatic flatness control. Industrial faciliies where rolled products are manufactured have adverse environents that affect artificial vision systems. We present a low-cost atness inspection(More)
A laser-stripe system for the automation of welding processes in heavy industries is presented. Conventional methods use human intervention. A new solution using only common usage computer components has been developed, offering at least the same quality of performance at a low price, making laser systems without human intervention attractive for cost(More)
Quality control is of utmost importance in the metal industry. It requires online measurement and inspection systems which provide precise feedback to closed-loop controllers in industrial facilities. In rolled products, shape is one of the main quality criteria. In this paper, a low-cost real-time 3-D shape measurement system for long flat (FL)-rolled(More)