Rubén Rodríguez

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BACKGROUND The introduction of fluorescence-guided resection allows a better identification of tumor tissue and its more radical resection. We describe our experience with a modified exoscope to detect 5 ALA-induced fluorescence in neuronavigation-guided brain surgery or biopsy of malignant brain tumors. METHODS Thirty-eight patients with a suspected(More)
—Sea surface salinity can be measured by microwave radiometry at L-band (1400–1427 MHz). This frequency is a compromise between sensitivity to the salinity, small atmospheric perturbation, and reasonable pixel resolution. The description of the ocean emission depends on two main factors: 1) the sea water permittivity, which is a function of salinity,(More)
Acknowledgments: This work has received funding from the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through the contracts CRACKER (grant agreement no.: 645357) and QT21 (grant agreement no.: 645452). iii Preface Current approaches to Machine Translation (MT) or professional translation evaluation, both automatic and manual, are characterised by a(More)
After the completion of a draft human genome sequence, the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium has proceeded to finish and annotate each of the 24 chromosomes comprising the human genome. Here we describe the sequencing and analysis of human chromosome 3, one of the largest human chromosomes. Chromosome 3 comprises just four contigs, one of(More)
Intraspinal solitary fibrous tumors are rare: to our knowledge, the literature reports only 27 cases. We present a histologically and immunohistochemically confirmed solitary fibrous tumor involving the intradural extramedullary compartment of the thoracic spine. Microsurgical gross-total resection was achieved. A definitive role for adjuvant treatments in(More)
OBJECTIVE In this paper we address the problem of recognising the movement intentions of patients restricted to a medical bed. The developed recognition system will be used to implement a natural human-machine interface to move a medical bed by means of the slight movements of patients with reduced mobility. METHODS AND MATERIAL Our proposal uses pressure(More)
Generalizations of the integrated model describing the interaction of nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocking drugs with reversible anticholinesterase drugs described in Unadkat et al. (1) are reported. The models can deal with possible incomplete reversal (irreversible block) and/or noninstantaneous anticholinesterase kinetics. Experimental data were(More)
to activities of the Society and its annual meetings, it is not a proceedings of the meeting. Individual subscriptions are available through annual membership in the Society; for more information about the Society of Christian Ethics and becoming a member, visit Members of the Society should direct address changes and claims for missing(More)