Rubén Pérez-Aguirre

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In a new polymorph of the title salt, [Ni(H2O)6](C6H4NO3)2, the metal atom of the cationic complex lies on a symmetry centre and is coordinated by six water mol-ecules to provide a quite regular octa-hedral coordination environment. These cations inter-act with 6-oxo-1,6-di-hydro-pyridine-3-carboxyl-ate anions through electrostatic inter-actions and by(More)
The present work provides two new examples of supramolecular metal-organic frameworks consisting of three-dimensional extended noncovalent assemblies of wheel-shaped heptanuclear [Cu7(μ-H2O)6(μ3-OH)6(μ-adeninato-κN3:κN9)6](2+) entities. The heptanuclear entity consists of a central [Cu(OH)6](4-) core connected to six additional copper(II) metal centers in a(More)
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