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The effect of a temporally correlated afferent current on the firing rate of a leaky integrate-and-fire neuron is studied. This current is characterized in terms of rates, autocorrelations, and cross correlations, and correlation time scale tau(c) of excitatory and inhibitory inputs. The output rate nu(out) is calculated in the Fokker-Planck formalism in(More)
The impact of synchronous inputs onto a simple neuron model with synapses showing short-term plasticity is studied. The synaptic model includes depression, stochastic release and facilitation. The mean and second-order statistics of the current are computed. The combination of synchrony and STP produces a non-monotonic behavior of the current variance ,(More)
The effect of time correlations in the afferent current on the firing rate of a generalized integrate-and-fire neuron model is studied. When the correlation time τc is small enough the firing rate can be calculated analytically for small values of the correlation amplitude α 2. It is shown that the rate decreases as √ τc from its value at τc = 0. This limit(More)
The properties of cells in the prefrontal cortex and inferotemporal cortex recorded in monkeys performing delayed matching-to-sample tasks with intervening visual stimuli and memory guided attention tasks are reproduced by means of a model in which two networks of leaky integrate-and-"re neurons representing the two cortical areas interact reciprocally.(More)
Neurons process their inputs with a variety of synaptic time scales. The presence of fast or slow ÿlters provides the neuron with particular behaviors and changes quantitatively the output rate of the neuron. Here we study the eeect of synapses with arbitrary time constant s on the neuron response and give an analytical prediction of the ÿring rate for(More)
Fundraising OCNS, Inc is a US non-profit, 501(c)(3) serving organization supporting the Computational Neuroscience community internationally. We seek sponsorship from corporate and philantropic organizations for support of student travel and registration to the annual meeting, student awards and hosting of topical workshops. We can also host booth(More)
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