Rubén Martí Martínez

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Hydrogen atom transfer (HAT) circumvents a disfavored Friedel-Crafts reaction in the derivatization of the inexpensive monoterpene isopulegol. A variety of readily prepared aryl and heteroaryl sulfonates undergo a formal hydroarylation to form 8-arylmenthols, privileged scaffolds for asymmetric synthesis, as typified by 8-phenylmenthol. High(More)
Cofactor-mimetic aerobic oxidation has conceptually merged with catalysis of syngas reactions to form a wide range of Markovnikov-selective olefin radical hydrofunctionalizations. We cover the development of the field and review contributions to reaction invention, mechanism, and application to complex molecule synthesis. We also provide a mechanistic(More)
We report the discovery of an outstanding reductant for metal-catalyzed radical hydrofunctionalization reactions. Observations of unexpected silane solvolysis distributions in the HAT-initiated hydrogenation of alkenes reveal that phenylsilane is not the kinetically preferred reductant in many of these transformations. Instead, isopropoxy(phenyl)silane(More)
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