Rubén Huerta Crispín

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Male germ-cell apoptosis occurs naturally and can be increased by exposure to drugs and toxic chemicals. Individuals may have different rates of apoptosis and are likely to also exhibit differential sensitivity to outside influences. Previously, we reported that p-chloroamphetamine (pCA), a substance that inhibits serotonin synthesis, induced germ-cell(More)
In order to identify unreliable data in a dataset of motility parameters obtained from a pilot study acquired by a veterinarian with experience in boar semen handling, but without experience in the operation of a computer assisted sperm analysis (CASA) system, a multivariate graphical and statistical analysis was performed. Sixteen boar semen samples were(More)
Mastitis is the most frequent and expensive disease in the Animal Production Units (UPAS-Animal Production Units) of dairy cattle, due to its serious consequences on economic losses in the quantity and quality of milk produced. Its cause is directly related to aspects of well-being, health and hygiene and sanitation of the high milkproducing animals. In(More)
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