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In conifers, relationship between ethylene and the response to inclination are not well understood. The aim of this work was to study the consequence for the application of 2-chloroethyl phosphonic acid (ethephon), compound able to release ethylene, in one-year-old Pinus radiata D. Don seedlings subjected to inclination. In plants exposed to inclination for(More)
In the light of global change, the necessity to monitor atmospheric depositions that have relevant effects on ecosystems is ever increasing particularly for tropical sites. For this study, atmospheric ionic depositions were measured on tropical Central Sulawesi at remote sites with both a conventional bulk water collector system (BWS collector) and with a(More)
SUMMARY A switched-current integrated circuit, which realizes the chaotic neuron model, is presented. The circuit mainly consists of CMOS inverters that are used as transconductance amplifiers and nonlinear elements. The chip was fabricated using a 1.2 µm HP CMOS process. A single neuron cell occupies only 0.0076 mm 2 , which represents an area smaller than(More)
An immunoaffinity column for the selective extraction and concentration of the herbicide triclopyr from water samples and quantification on line by HPLC has been developed. The immunoaffinity device was prepared by immobilising triclopyr antibodies to hydrazide derivatized azlactona beds. Efficient desorption of bound triclopyr was achieved with 70%(More)
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